Therapeutic Pet Care

At some time in your pet’s life, he or she may need to be treated for an ongoing medical concern. At All Creatures Small Animal Hospital we can provide care for a wide variety of chronic medical conditions such as allergies, arthritis and anxiety.


Many pets suffer from environmental or food allergies. Our veterinarians can help manage your pets symptoms to stay comfortable year round. We offer a variety of treatment options for allergies such as oral or injectible medications and specialized dietary options.


As they age, most pets will experience some form of joint pain and arthritis. There are many therapeutic options available to alleviate your pet’s pain. Just like in people, joint supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin can be given daily for joint health. A variety of anti-inflammatories are also available in addition to alternative therapies such as laser treatments. Light-wave laser treatments help decrease pain and inflammation as well as speeding wound and surgical healing.


Many pets suffer from either short term or ongoing anxiety. Whether your pet is frightened of fireworks or anxious due to changes in the home, such as a new pet or baby, we offer a variety of neutraceuticals and medications to help them through stressful situations.

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