In-case of Emergency

Should your pet develop symptoms that concern you or become injured after normal clinic hours you may call the clinic number (515-961-7882) and you will be able to leave a message for the doctor on call. The veterinarian will return the call to discuss the situation with you.

Be aware that we do not have overnight staff available to assist the veterinarian on call if procedures such as surgery or continuous monitoring are called for. In some cases the doctor on call may be able to offer advice over the phone, in others she may recommend you bring your pet in right away to be seen. If the veterinarian feels that the situation calls for more extensive diagnostics or treatment that can not be provided without additional staff she may suggest a referral to one of the emergency clinics in the area which offer 24 hour care. Blue Pearl is located at 4631 Merle Hay Rd in Des Moines. The phone number is (515)727-4872. Iowa Veterinary Specialties is located at 6110 Creston Ave in Des Moines. The phone number is (515)280-3100. These are the nearest options.

Emergency care provided by our doctors after hours is a service offered to established clients only. If we have not seen your pet yet or if you do not receive a prompt return call (as in cases where the veterinarian on call is occupied with a patient already or the rare occasions when a doctor is not available) please contact one of the above facilities.

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