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Both cat and dog boarding are available at All Creatures Small. We have recently expanded our dog boarding area to accommodate more animals and have created three separate exercise yards for more outdoor time. Dog kennels are provided with raised beds, blankets, (if the dog can be trusted to not ingest them) and clean food/water bowls. We provide quality food (Science Diet or I-Vet) although you are welcome to provide your own if your pet is on a special diet or you would prefer them to not undergo a diet change. We welcome you to bring any toys or treats you would like them to have while boarding as long as they can have them safely unattended. We have experienced staff that can administer medications as needed. Cats are boarded in a separate room, well away from the dog area to avoid stress. Vaccine requirements for dogs are a current Rabies, Distemper/Hepatitis/Lepto/Parvo/, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination status. A yearly fecal screen for parasites is also required. Cats are required to be up to date on Rabies and Feline Distemper vaccinations. Cats are allowed out in the cat room to stretch their legs while kennel staff attend to them as behavior allows. 

We have indoor runs for dogs. They are let out into a large, fenced exercise yard three times daily for exercise.  Only dogs from the same household or who are known to each other are allowed out together. If a dog is intimidated by a sometimes noisy kennel area or requires closer observation while boarding, we have smaller kennels which can be used away from the general boarding area as space allows. Daycare is also available on a full day or half day basis for boarding dogs for an additional fee if you would like your dog to have more stimulation as scheduling allows. Dog boarding rates are $30 per night. If you have more than one dog, they can stay together in the same run. The first dog will be charged at the regular rate and the second at $25 per night.  We also have a limited number of "family runs" which can accommodate two large dogs or several small dogs. The cost for these runs is $45 for the first dog and $25 each for the other dogs sharing the kennel per night. In the event your dogs are boarded together but require separation for feeding due to dietary or behavioral concerns, there is an additional charge as the kennel attendants will need additional time and space to feed the dogs. Courtesy bathing and nail trims are provided to dogs staying more than one night unless there is an issue with temperament putting kennel staff at risk or a coat or skin condition contraindicates a bath.

We have recently replaced all of our dog kennels with brand new one, as well as redoing floors and HVAC. We have added an additional room of boarding kennels as well as a dedicated cat room and a larger isolation room for any contagious illness which is well separated from all other housing areas.   


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