Pet Boarding

Both canine and feline boarding are offered at All Creatures Small. We provide a cot, blankets, bowls and Ivet food for your pets comfort. We welcome you to bring any treats & toys that they can safely have unattended. If your pet is on a special diet we recommend you bring food from home. Also, if you would like to bring your pets own food it may help them to eat better and prevent gastrointestinal upset due to the change in diet. We have trained kennel staff who are able to medicate your pets if needed.

If pets are not current on vaccinations at the time of scheduled boarding, we can provide this service at the time they are dropped off.

We have 38 indoor runs for dogs. They are let out three times per day into a large fenced-in yard to run and play. Only dogs from the same household will be let out together.

 Dog boarding rates are $26 per night. If you have more than one dog they can stay together in the same run. For this option the rate would be $26 for the first dog and $20 for each additional dog. 

In the event that your dogs are boarded together but need to be fed separately due to dietary needs, there is a $7/night fee for this service. 

All boarding dogs will need to be current on rabies, distemper/lepto, bordetella vaccinations and have had a fecal test to check for internal parasites within the past year. We do provide a courtesy bath and nail trim as allowed.

Feline friends are boarded in our cat room. Boarding rates for all cats are $17 per night. All boarding cats need to be current on rabies and distemper vaccines. We do provide nail trims as allowed.

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