We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new line of products for alleviating joint pain and improving mobility for our animal friends. These are oils, chews and soft gels containing cannabanoids (commonly referred to as CBD) derived form the hemp plant. They also make a product for short term use in dogs suffering from anxiety in stressful situations which is in a chewable form.

As you are no doubt aware, the use of CBD products in humans for a variety of issues including pain, neurological symptoms, inappetance and depression has exploded in the past couple of years.

Dogs and cats also have receptors for the cannabanoids throughout their bodies so it logical that they also benefit form these products in many ways. However, products made for humans are not ideal for dogs and cats and in fact are not always safe. For example, dogs and cats are very sensitive to the effects of THC and toxicity can easily occur especially in smaller dogs and cats if given human products. Also, the specific cannabanoids which work best for your pets are not he same ones which work for us. For these reasons, we have been researching different companies and have finally found one which we believe offers a safe, scientifically researched, tested and quality controlled product. ElleVet Sciences has partnered with Cornell University in completing clinical trials with their product. Furthermore they offer a guarantee for products of purchased through the clinic. If you don't see an improvement in you pet’s mobility within two weeks, we are able to refund your money. If you have further questions about these new products, look up their website at ellevetsciences.com

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